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  • Tabulated Potentials for Bond and Angle terms
  • Analytic Fields to Treat Solid Nanoparticles in MD-SCF simulations
  • Inclusion of Electrostatic Interactions in MD-SCF simulations
  • NPT and Tensionless MD-SCF simulations
  • Potential of Mean Force Calculations

For further information:

- Basic Theory and Implementation -
Milano G., Kawakatsu T., 
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- Parallel Implementation and Code Description -
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- Polymer Nanocomposites -

Self-Assembled Morphologies and Percolation Probability of Mixed Carbon Fillers in the Diblock Copolymer Template: Hybrid Particle-Field Molecular Dynamics Simulation, Zhao Y., Cong Y., Milano G., Yu N., He Y., Cong Y., Yuan Q., Dong B. Submitted

Rational Design of Nanoparticle/Monomer Interfaces: A Combined Computational and Experimental Study of In Situ Polymerization of Silica Based Nanocomposites  De Nicola A., Avolio R., Della Monica F., Gentile G., Cocca M., Capacchione C., Errico M. E., Milano G., RSC Advances in press

- Coarse-Grained Models for Biological Phospholipids and Surfactants

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De Nicola A., Zhao Y., Kawakatsu T., Roccatano D., Milano G.
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